Musicial Instruments with Over 200 Years of Tradition...

Musicial Instruments with Over 200 Years of Tradition...

Our mission is to create high quality, handmade musical instruments by working with master luthiers. By compensating them fairly, we can empower their communities to keep making these fine instruments for the world to enjoy.

– Lorenzo Franco
Founder of Harana Instruments

Harana Cebuana Tenor Ukulele


The Cebuana Tenor Ukulele is named in honor of the people of Cebu. Our flagship model sings some of the cleanest notes and balanced tones in the market.

The key to its magical sound comes from the shape of the body and the quality of the wood used in this piece. It boasts a solid body that was carved from mahogany. One can immediately feel the difference in weight, owing it to the generous amount of wood that was used on the sides and back. These craftsmen certainly do not skimp on raw material! 

What makes its body stand out is the back’s convex shape. Its shape acts like a speaker cone in conjunction with the thickness of the wood used on the body that prevents sound from scattering. Because of this, the notes are focused out of the sound hole, resulting in music that is noticeably louder and more balanced than most ukuleles. No matter where you go, people will definitely hear you jam out your best tunes.

Do you like to use all your frets? Well, fret not because the neck cutout allows you to easily access all its notes. Be the ukulele soloist you were meant to be! The right neck thickness allows for optimized playing and minimal hand cramps.

This instrument is a true head turner. Its body is adorned with a stunning shell abalone pick guard to protect the wood underneath. Its binding is also made from the same material that’s sure to be the envy of any stringed instruments aficionados.

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The Story Behind Our Ukuleles

Harana Instruments is a company works in collaboration with local craftsmen in the city of Cebu, a historical city in southern Philippines. It was where the explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s epic journey across the pacific ocean ended when he was slain by natives.

Craftsmen have been making instruments in this tropical metropolis for well over 200 years. According to historians, during the colonial era, Spanish friars taught the locals how to repair instruments that were used by the church because it would literally take months (not to mention expensive!) for instruments to be fixed if they were to send them back to Spain for repairs.

On the other hand, Harana Instruments’s, mission is to work with only the best craftsmen and compensate them well, stimulating the local economy and to bring them out of poverty. My hope is to bring the money back to this trade so that the younger generation will regain interest in this honorable profession.
During my travels, I’ve learned that they use high-quality woods for their guitars, ukuleles, bandurrias, mandolins, etc. The woods they use range from standard ones such as mahogany and birch to more exotic woods such as mango, acacia, narra (one of the hardest local woods), Β and jack fruit just to name a few.
Luthiers from olden days. Photo by Jay Dilan

My vision is to provide the world the option of opting for these same high-quality instruments rather than being stuck between cheap, factory-made, mass-produced instruments or expensive handmade instruments from Hawai’i (due to high labor costs).

When you support Harana Instruments, not only are you supporting the beautiful people of Cebu, you are also supporting the continuation of a craft that spans hundreds of years.

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The Reviews Are In From Some of Our Early Customers...

The quality on this instrument is superb! I bought two ukuleles.. one for my father and one myself to take back home to the Netherlands.

Tjerk Kostelijk / Netherlands

World class quality ukuleles! highly recommended and thank you sir for the discount! πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

Christian Cruz / United States

Bought my ukulele today.Β  Thanks for being so nice and with an uke that suits my budget. Two thumbs up for being so hands on to your business. Hats off to you guys for the affordable good quality instruments. Now my only is problem is getting this baby on plane back home.

Vince Jan / United States

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$629 $579 Early Bird Special

+ FREE Shipping to Continental US

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